Jackie Becher

Jackie Becher from Starwood Custom Homes


“LIFE is too short to worry about stupid things. Have fun. Fall in love. Regret nothing, and don’t let people Bring You Down."

  • Jake Simon, Co-Founder & CEO of Starwood Custom
  • Josh Simonton, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Starwood Custom
  • Dean Stadler, Vice President of Operations of Starwood Custom
  • Josh Hough, Vice President of Construction
  • Roger Lewis, Senior Sales Executive
  • Mark Young, Senior Sales Executive
  • Blake Reheis, Senior Sales Executive
  • Judy Becher, Finance & Office Manager
  • Travis Allen, Project Manager
  • Jackie Becher, Accounts Payable
  • David Allen, Project Director
  • Brian Swan, Project Director
  • Chris Brecht, Project Director
  • Darin Olsen, Project Director
  • Ben Allen, project Manager
  • Steve Brittner, Project Manager
  • Scott Knoblauch, Project Manager
  • Jason Tennent, Project Manager
  • Robert Mulkey, Project Manager
  • Grant Harper, Project Manager
  • Stacey Permana, Project Manager
  • Michael Morrison, Project Manager
  • Wes Hughes, Project Manager
  • Howard Roberts, Assistant Project Manager
  • Rob Pauley, Assistant Project Manager
  • Mike Wolfe, Assistant Project Manager
  • Cooper Fitchner, Assistant Project Manager
  • Caleb Page, Assistant Project Manager
  • Denise Brecht, Assistant Project Manager