Travis Allen

Travis Allen of Starwood Custom Homes


“Try not to become a man of success but rather to become a man of value.” Albert Einstein

  • Jake Simon, Co-Founder & CEO of Starwood Custom
  • Josh Simonton, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Starwood Custom
  • Dean Stadler, Vice President of Operations of Starwood Custom
  • Josh Hough, Vice President of Construction
  • Roger Lewis, Senior Sales Executive
  • Mark Young, Senior Sales Executive
  • Blake Reheis, Senior Sales Executive
  • Judy Becher, Finance & Office Manager
  • Travis Allen, Project Manager
  • Jackie Becher, Accounts Payable
  • David Allen, Project Director
  • Brian Swan, Project Director
  • Chris Brecht, Project Director
  • Darin Olsen, Project Director
  • Ben Allen, project Manager
  • Steve Brittner, Project Manager
  • Scott Knoblauch, Project Manager
  • Jason Tennent, Project Manager
  • Robert Mulkey, Project Manager
  • Grant Harper, Project Manager
  • Stacey Permana, Project Manager
  • Michael Morrison, Project Manager
  • Wes Hughes, Project Manager
  • Howard Roberts, Assistant Project Manager
  • Rob Pauley, Assistant Project Manager
  • Mike Wolfe, Assistant Project Manager
  • Cooper Fitchner, Assistant Project Manager
  • Caleb Page, Assistant Project Manager
  • Denise Brecht, Assistant Project Manager